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lets work together towards

Gender diversity in AI research


We aim to bring together female researchers in the field of AI. Our objective is to:

  • Facilitate international collaborations among women researchers 

  • Build strong teams to work on multidisciplinary AI projects

  • Publish high quality research outputs

  • Conduct research to solve the bias in algorithms problem


Consolidated measures of fairness of algorithms;

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Empirical and theoretical analysis of how algorithms become discriminatory

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Fairness-aware optimization process

for Machine Learning models

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Solve bias in AI

We are living in a biased world! As humans, we tend to have biased opinions and we tend to make biased decisions...Bottom line, we have biased systems and our brains are unfair decision makers!

AI is offering us the chance to build machines that are not only smarter than us on specific tasks but better decision makers than us!

However, machine learning data, algorithms, and other design choices that shape AI systems may reflect and amplify existing cultural bias and prejudices...


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WAI Breakfast
Brisbane | Australia






Washington | USA
WAI Breakfast
Santiago De Compostela | Spain

WAITALK - Hamburg - DEC 2018

Teaching AI, challenges & opportunities

Our researchers


Dr. Ania Kaci

Speaker Relations Manager //

Senior Data Scientist @Gexpertise

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Dr. Marwa Chafii.jpg

Dr. Marwa Chafii

Research Projects Lead //

Professor @Ensea

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Kimya Dhade

Technical Lead // Research intern @CentraleSupelec

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Women in AI is the proud member of the AI4EU project supported by European Commission as part of the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. For more information regarding the project visit www.ai4eu.eu.


BE inspired. STAY W(A)IRED!

“Now is the time for us all to learn

about AI and start embracing its advantages in a responsible and ethical way. That's where WAI plays an important role as members gain knowledge, build their network of peers, and contribute to the industry's diversification. Seeing more AI-empowered decision makers who are women is critical for the non-biased  AI future.”

—  Arti Nokhai, 

 Business Development Executive, IBM

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