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North America

Award Ceremony on May 13, 2022!

Advisory Group

Ashley Casovan

Executive Director
AI Global

Camille Eddy

Carrie Freeman

Christoph Frei

Mechanical Engineer

Sector Software



Associate Professor

University of Alberta

Eduardo Ulises Moya Sánchez

Director of Artificial Intelligence of the General Coordination of Innovation in the State of Jalisco, Mexico.

Enrique Cortés Rello

Director of AI Hub

Tec of Monterrey

Dr. Gloria Washington

Helia Mohammadi

Jean (Jay) Turnbull

Jessie Ford

Director of AI Lab

Howard University

Chief Data Scientist and Healthcare Industry Lead, Microsoft

Director, Product Management

Ethoca - Mastercard

Global Senior Director - Community


Kasey Mathews

Kay Firth-Butterfield


KristA Kinnard

Data Scientist

Zest AI 

Head of AI and ML and Member of the Executive Committee,

World Economic Forum

Chief, Emerging Technology

U.S. Department of Labor OCIO

Leobardo Morales Tiburcio

Customer Success Manager & AI Enthusiast, IBM 

Manuel Morales

Director at Fin-ML

Professor at University of Montreal

Nadia Carolina Rojas Ramirez

Noelle Silver

Mentor in AI, Smart Assistants & Chatbots,
Senior Manager at BBVA

Vice President, Solutions Architecture


Legal Advisors

Gonzalez Calvillo S.

Legal Firm

Tamra Moore

Corporate Counsel, Litigation

Northrop Grumman Corporation

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