The workshops and events take place in the evenings, starting at 5 PM or 6 PM and last until 9 PM (CET). For the participants from abroad, the sessions will be streamed and recorded.


  • WaiACCELERATE announcement at the Grand Opening 2020 Gala 


  • WaiTALK "AI for Sustainable Development Goals 2030"

  • AI Trends and Understanding the Dutch & EU ecosystem


  • Developing your AI-idea 

  • WaiTALK "Confessions of an entrepreneur"

  • MVP & Market Fit

  • Winning Lean Startup Practices


  • Virtual WaiTALK "AI, so what's the global plan?"

  • Ethical & Unbiased Leadership 

  • Building your world-class team and culture 

  • Building a data-proof business 


  • Virtual WaiTALK "The Power of Chatbot"

  • Data privacy & Cybersecurity

  • AWS Tech Lab

  • Building a data-proof business

  • Virtual WaiTALK "Data Behavior & Cyber Security


  • AI explained

  • IBM Tech Lab

  • Mastering your pitch

  • Oracle for Startups Tech Lab

  • Virtual WaiTALK "The F Word: Future. Female. Funding"

  • Monetizing your AI idea


  • Legal aspects for startups (Funding, Shares, Law &  Patents)

  • Digitization: Tools for improving customer & employee experience

  • Pitch Test Run

  • AI& Tech Consulting


  • WaiMASTERCLASS "2020 laughs" (Standup comedy / Speaking onstage)

  • AI-driven UX/UI

  • Rock-N-Roll Branding

  • Growth hacking and Marketing


  • Communicating value OR Data-driven PR

  • AI-driven UX/UI


  • World AI Week: WaiACCELERATE Datathon for Sustainable Future

  • VR Investor Tour

  • Mentors & Mentees "Circle of Growth


  • Sales and scaling strategy

  • Stakeholder management

  • Pitch competition "ACCELER-AI-TE!"


  • Enjoy the holiday break, rest and get ready to live your AI dream in 2021!

Program 2020

WaiACCELERATE 2020 is a tailored acceleration program that gives women entrepreneurs in the Netherlands deep knowledge in the AI industry and a diversity of skills to drive business growth and stand out as an impactful leader. 

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