Image by Brooke Lark

Challenge 1:

A traditional food story-teller

For this challenge we aim to design a conversational AI that shares traditional food stories and recipes in real-time. Imagine your international friends wanting to surprise you with an original and traditional meal that reflects your heritage. This conversational AI will help users explore cultures through food, and understand the meaningful traditions behind the recipes. We aim to provide a culturally-specific, narrative-rich, globally-appealing, and interactive user experience around food and traditions.

To work on this challenge you’ll have at hand a dataset to help the team build a conversational agent, as well as datasets of foods and ingredients from different cultures. Putting the pieces together into a working system that interacts with the users will define the success of this challenge. More data scraping is encouraged if necessary.

The goal is to provide the users with a storytelling experience and a conversation about national dishes and regional specialties from around the world, with cultural information and stories for each dish. Let’s help keep traditions alive by integrating cultural information into datasets.


This team is looking for 3-4 data scientists or AI engineers with Natural Language Processing experience as well as 1 data or software engineer.