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Challenge 8:

Tasty dish recommendations based on personal nutrient needs

This team will aim to use data and Machine Learning to understand and decompose ingredients and nutrients in  foods and recipes. An AI MasterChef will emerge, which recommends recipes and ingredient shopping. Nutritional value in combination with categories relevant for a specific health doma need to be taken into account.

Food nutrient and food product datasets will be at your disposal. We encourage you to conduct a further search for suitable open datasets or scraping from public APIs that might be found as useful.

Can we build an AI personal shopper and master chef that considers health domain as wel as nutritional value of foods,  recipes and ingredients? Can we come up with interesting new recipes that will surprise the user? Join this team and find out.

This team is looking for 2-3 data scientists,

1-2 Machine Learning experts and 1-2 (Python) programmers. Interest in food and nutrition is a plus. 

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