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Priti Yadav

Priti Yadav

WAI Image Recognition Organizing Lead

The WAI Canada Research Lab is a program spanning 10-12 weeks that empowers women in AI research and students with the expertise to create their machine learning projects. Our focus is on fostering mentorship and encouraging curiosity-driven learning to prepare participants for a future in AI.

This initiative is crafted to provide opportunities for individuals who have traditionally been underrepresented in the AI industry. Through the WAI Canada Research Lab, we are actively contributing to the development of a more inclusive and diverse tech culture.

Our goal is to develop intelligent algorithms addressing challenges in data analysis, planning, and decision-making.


The lab engages in interdisciplinary research covering DEI, Generative AI, ESG, Disability, Image Recognition, and other aspects and use cases of machine learning and AI.


The primary objective is to uncover the principles guiding the design, development, and deployment of artificially

intelligent systems.

The Program

Build the real-world use case from scratch in groups.

Write the code and gain experience

in building models under the mentorship of AI experts and support with resources.

Week 1

Bootcamp on the use-case and tool stack

Woman on Computer

Week 2-11

Building the

prototype for any of the chosen 

use case

  • ESG

  • Generative AI

  • DEI

  • Disability

  • Image Recognition

Laptop with Illustrated Background

Week 12


of the Prototype

Demo the use-case prototype and get recognized by the AI community.

Be empowered to step into the tech world of AI.

Meet The Team


Anupam Singh

WAI Research Lab Lead


Shreya Mukhopadhyay

WAI ESG Research Lead


Ananya Raval

WAI Disability Research Lead

1622227071769 (1)_edited.jpg

Priti Yadav

WAI Computer Vision Research Lead


Great opportunity for innovators, technologists, and students who would like to

prepare themselves before entering the industry. You would be given a chance to

present the case study as a paper in upcoming industry conferences.

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