We’re very proud of the diversity of our team, and their abilities to contribute their own unique experience and skills to our success. They are the force behind our work. From organizing fundraising events and rallies to managing new campaigns, they help us do it all. They demonstrate the importance of coming together to achieve something truly great. 

Women in AI is structured in three regions: Europe & Africa (EMEA), Asia & Pacific (APAC) and North America & Mexico (NAR). Find out what is going on in your region and join local activities or events below.

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Our chapter in Europe and Africa incites a zest for learning and exploration, and participants leave feeling fulfilled and inspired. Ready to take part in the action? Come join us for your next adventure.



Our door is always open to new members, no matter their experience level. We are proud to bring together people from all regions. Come join us at our next event — we’d love to share all that Women in AI APAC has to offer.

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North America & Mexico regional focus is to drive societal impact by applying AI, ML and Data Science integrated with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and empower diverse communities with customized programs that meet local needs in line with emerging trends. Connect with us!