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Welcome to InnoHUB!

InnoHUB is the first immersive learning & accelerating program on the topic of Open Innovation & Agile Thinking for women & gender nonconforming innovators from the Netherlands, the Benelux region and other global markets.

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InnoHUB Launch event

June 8, 2021 // in VR

Coworking Space

Why InnoHUB?

Our first edition of the InnoHUB program, organized in partnership with Evenness and powered by We Rise, Techleap, Fundright, Fugro, and Fruss AG, focused on creating the Womentum (the momentum for women and gender nonconforming individuals in the fields of Innovation).


With new female role models in business and entrepreneurs slowly rising across the globe, Women in AI would like to bridge the gender gap in the ecosystem and accelerate the change. This comes with a goal to upskill women and gender nonconforming innovators from the Netherlands, Benelux and other global markets. Also, to provide them with the right Data- & AI-related practical knowledge to ensure that they gain competitiveness in the job market and become more visible and included in the global history of innovation. 

Happy Women

What is InnoHUB?

This novel learning & accelerating program organized in a web-based VR environment is tactically designed for women and gender nonconforming individuals of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds to:

  • gain the required skills in the fields of Open Innovation, AI & Data to increase their competitive edge in the job market,

  • learn first hand from the Innovation experts and inspiring role models, as well as

  • prepare to innovate (and by doing so, advance their agile thinking or even launch their own startup)

Format: June 22 - July 15, 2 days a week, 3 hours per day (Workshop: 4:30pm-6:30pm CET; Networking: 6:30pm-7:30pm CET)

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Is it worth it?

Oh yes! Definitely! The InnoHUB program, first of all, gave our participants the right agile & digital skills to be ready for the Future of Work and be able to advance their career. Plus, they got inspired as InnoHUB is the most innovative and inclusive program that you have ever experienced (hosted in web-based VR). Also, it was based on the previous successful initiatives by Women in AI Netherlands and global chapters that were tailored to women & gender nonconforming innovators:


  • The WaiACCELERATE program that was initiated by Eve Logunova, Ambassador Women in AI Netherlands, in 2020. 18 startups from the program are now in their active go-to-market stage. 5 startups are in the finalization stage, being ready to launch within the next year. Watch their pitches here. The WaiACCELERATE program scaled across the continents in 2021 - EU, Northern America and the Asia-Pacific region - becoming a global initiative;

  • Global WaiTALKs - more than 300 knowledge sessions- webinars with 10,000+ attendees.


Who were the speakers?

June 22 [16:30-19:30] - The Stories of Agile Innovation
(Hosted by High Tech Tea)

June 24 [16:30-19:30] - Democratizing Data & AI
(Hosted by Women in AI)

June 29 [16:30-19:30] - Urban Resilience & Sustainable Societies
(Hosted by Women in AI & Fugro)

July 1 [16:30-19:30] - Building Impact Solutions
(Hosted by The Next Women)

July 6 [16:30-19:30] - Responsible & Ethical AI Practices // Gender Free Tech & Inclusion by Design (Hosted by FruitPunch AI Eindhoven)

July 8 [16:30-19:30] - Data & AI Tools: What, Why & How to use them
(Hosted by TechLabs Amsterdam)

July 13 [16:00-17:15] - Mastering Your Virtual Pitch
(Hosted by Women in Tech)

July 13 [17:30-19:30] - From Ideas to Startups: How to get funded
(Hosted by The Code to Change & Fundright)

July 15 [17:00-19:00] - A Very Festive Closing Party + "ELOQUENT-AI" pitch competition
(Hosted by Women in AI & Evenness)


Meet The Team


Eve Logunova

Women in AI Ambassador

(The Netherlands), Founder & Managing Partner at Evenness

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Gaby K. Slezak

Women in AI VR Ambassador, Partner & Head of XR at Evenness

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Andreea Moga

InnoHUB Program Lead, Member Women in AI, AI Tech & Ed Trendsetter

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Farah Shakra

InnoHUB Community Partners Lead, Member Women in AI, AI Solution Architect at Maistering B.V.

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Robin Vergouwen

InnoHUB Core Team member, Host, AI Video Assessment Lead at Incision

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Boshra Javaheri

InnoHUB Core Team member, AI & UX Design Researcher, Guest Lecturer at Inholland University of Applied Sciences

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Don't miss the next edition of this immersive learning program where you can gain AI & Data-related knowledge, develop innovative ideas, learn from many inspiring experts, and become successful in your corporate career or as a startup founder in the AI, Data & Tech domains. Stay tuned by following Women in AI Netherlands & Evenness.

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