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Our Mission

Women in AI founded WAILabs, an initiative for conducting interdisciplinary and inclusive research on Artificial Intelligence (AI), with a specific focus on bias and fairness. Join us to become part of WAILabs, the global research hub bringing together AI and DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) perspectives for conducting research and producing tangible results for practice and society. We aim to initiate and mentor research by our community members in collaboration with global stakeholders. We believe that AI can only be truly diverse when we increase intellectual diversity through personnel diversity.



Towards Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in AI Research 


Date : July 23 - 25 (exact date tba) 

Location: IJCAI-ECAI in Vienna, Austria


Impact of policy, or introduction of new technology on socio-technical systems has been studied through the lens of actor and system complexity (de Bruijn & Herder, 2009). Conceptual tools exist to think through massive changes at a systemic level. Datasets, stakeholder representatives, and real understanding of societal problems have a significant effect on shaping technological artifacts ​​(Shreenath, 2019). The introduction of AI in the everyday life of citizens demands systematic studies of these aspects and transparency in technology development.


There is an increasing number of examples of how AI technology may maintain, strengthen or reproduce bias. Beyond technology development and evaluation as such, product design and marketing may also express bias. Thus, major ethical issues and a growing concern among citizens about the use of AI have emerged. However, inclusion of diverse perspectives at all stages of technology development and uptake can mitigate these risks. Representation of stakeholders - those who contribute to the creation of AI technology and those who are impacted by AI - is crucial to ensure the development of ethical AI and equal spread of its benefits.


The main goals of the workshop are to:

  • Develop a network of researchers conducting DEI research in AI, and those interested in learning about it and incorporating it in their own work and build connections for future collaborations. 

  • Reflect on the current situation and best practices for ensuring DEI in AI

  • Encourage participants to uptake DEI in AI research and take action regarding DEI in their working environment. 


We welcome abstracts for ‘lightning talks’ from researchers on any subarea of AI regarding DEI in AI. Presentations may refer to mature work or work-in-progress, planned or live initiatives on DEI in AI, as well as personal stories and experiences with DEI initiatives. You could also talk about any plans you have in place to think through the stakeholders groups affected by your work. For example- how the datasets used were collected , consent by those persons, who is it used on, instructions for correct usage etc.

Ideas and discussions that will stem from the workshop will be published in a collective report after the conference.  


Topics (indicative list)

  • Socio-technical system approaches to AI 

  • Bias in AI

  • DEI in AI

  • Trustworthy Machine Learning approaches

  • Responsible AI approaches

  • Ethical approaches to AI (fairness in AI)

  • DEI and AI-related Sustainability Goals

  • Policy, Governance, Law issues related to DEI and AI

  • AI safety


Submission Details

  • Title

  • Author(s) Names

  • Affiliations

  • 250 word abstract 

  • 3-5 Keywords

  • Optionally: relevant links to websites, profiles, datasets.

  •  Submission link:  easychair

    • Deadline of submission: June 15th, 2022

    • Notification of acceptance: June 30th ​

Program Structure (details to be announced)

  • Invited Keynotes

  • Accepted Lightning Talks

  • Panel Discussion and Networking 

Organizing Committee

  • Vinutha Magal Shreenath (Workshop Co-Chair)

  • Marisa Tschopp (Workshop Co-Chair)

  • Katerina Pastra (Program Co-Chair)

  • Hanan Salam (Program Co-Chair)


Affiliation of Committee: This workshop is organized by members of the WAI Labs, the research department of the non-profit organization Women in AI (www.womeninai.co


Program committee: Please contact Marisa at marisa [at] womeninai.co if you would like to be part of the program committee.


IJCAI - ECAI - is the world's premier gathering of researchers in AI. Please indicate interest in sponsoring this workshop via email to marisa [at] womeninai.co


de Bruijn, H., & Herder, P. M. (2009). System and Actor Perspectives on Sociotechnical

Systems. IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics - Part A: Systems and

Humans, 39(5), 981–992. https://doi.org/10.1109/TSMCA.2009.2025452


Shreenath, V. M. (2019). Creating Knowledge with Data Science for Design in Systems [PhD

Thesis]. KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

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