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WAI USA is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Emeritus Education. We are offering discounted learning programs in AI/ML, exclusively for WAI community members to gain major university certifications.

Please provide your contact details here to receive exclusive tuition assistance promo code for registration in the selected courses:


We are offering discounted educational programs with certifications from major top-ranking universities in partnership with Emeritus Education, exclusively for WAI community members!


Emeritus Education is offering scholarships for WAI USA Hackathon ' 22 participants.

Additional Offerings 

Emeritus have generously offered WAI USA Hackathon participants exclusive Premium subscriptions to Emeritus Insights.


WAI USA supports Intel's Digital Readiness program portfolio, the program prepares current and future workers with key skills in Artificial Intelligence (AI). Intel provides over 225 hours of AI content to community colleges, including pre-packed courses. In addition, professional training for school faculty and implementation guidance is offered by Intel. Community colleges then use this content to develop AI certificates, augment existing courses, or launch full AI associate degree programs for their students. AI for Workforce launched in the U.S. in 2020 through partnerships with governments and community colleges, 31 schools in 18 states have joined the program as of December 2021.

Students from all backgrounds can join "AI for Workforce" program at the nearest community college. 
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