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Global responsible AI hackathon 2023:

Moving AI Ethics from Talk to Action

AI is quickly becoming ubiquitous in all industries. Unfortunately, even though AI can be incredibly harmful, few organizations act to ensure that their AI is safe and beneficial. 


For example, 74% of companies in a recent survey didn’t work to reduce unintended bias.


The goal of this hackathon is to help organizations act to make their AI more responsible. To that end, individuals and teams will be invited to create proofs of concept for increasing the implementation of responsible AI practices.

Working Remotely


Responsible AI Masterclass
Speaker Series

The Speaker Series Presentations will be on Responsible AI topics and moderated by Women in AI community members and volunteers.

Talks will be 30 minutes with 15 minutes for questions.

The Speaker Series will be virtual to reach global audiences!

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We are looking for presentations and expert speakers in the following Areas of Focus:

Introduction to Ethical AI

Ethical AI Implementation Methods

Generative AI and  Its Implications



Applications of Generative AI



  • Your photo, logo, hyperlink, and a short description of your service or work will appear in a Hackathon Masterclass series online content

  • Promotion of your talk to Responsible AI Masterclass Series participants

  • A thank you banner from Women in AI for your social media channels

  • Social media promotion of you and/or your organization across the event series

To express interest in being a Speaker, fill out this form

For questions, and for the Speaker Ts&Cs please reach out to

The event series includes a 3-day hackathon in November 2023 and supporting events and resources for participants between April-July 2023.

We are currently looking for additional sponsors, partners, and volunteers. 



​Participants will develop their proofs of concept between April and October 2023. 

The participants will finalize their proofs of concept in a 3-day hackathon in November 2023.

The format of the 3-day hackathon will be hybrid. It will include virtual events for all, and regional leaders will organize in-person events in their regions. 

Supporting Events

To support the participants, we will host a series of events between April-October 2023.

The events will include masterclasses, talks, and check-ins for hackathon participants.

The topics of the events will include introductions on AI ethics, deep dives into AI ethics topics, and hands-on practice in implementing AI ethics concepts



To support the participants between April-October 2023, mentors and vendors will offer free services to hackathon participants.


The resources may include consultations, usage of responsible AI platforms, cloud resources, datasets for training and testing, engineering support, product development support, and audits.  



Develop solutions to help organizations understand prominent AI ethics themes.

Risk Articulation

Help organizations understand the AI risks that they pose


Diverse Input Collection

Help organizations collect diverse input about the AI risks their technology poses


Employee Education

Help organizations educate their employees on AI ethics


Develop solutions to help organizations introduce AI ethics practices into their workflows.


Strategy and Measures

Help organizations develop an AI strategy, including clear metrics and standards


Implemented Procedures

Help organizations implement include AI ethics practices



Help organizations implement incentive structures to support the execution of their AI ethics strategy and procedures


Develop solutions to help organizations improve their AI ethics accountability

Internal Reporting

Help organizations report on AI ethics progress to internal stakeholders, e.g., employees


External Reporting

Help organizations report on their AI ethics progress to external stakeholders, such as their board or the public

Periodical External Audits

Help organizations undergo AI ethics audits


Participant CRITERIA

​Participant selection will be based on the following criteria:


  • The participants will be individuals or teams of up to 5 people

  • Participants must commit to attending at least four of the workshops and check-ins

  • Participants must commit to writing a public description of their project

  • Applications will be screened based on a one-paragraph description of the problem the team wants to try to solve


Winners will be chosen based on the following criteria:

  • Problem articulation - How well did the team articulate the problem they are trying to solve, its importance to responsible AI, and the appropriateness of the proposed solution?

  • Execution - How well did the team execute the proof of concept?

  • Novelty - To what extent is the proposed solution adding to the current landscape of responsible AI solutions?

  • Feasibility - How feasible would it be to develop the proof concept into a full-blown solution that would be adopted by practitioners? 

  • Accessibility - To what extent the solution would be accessible to anyone who needs it? 

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& Volunteers

We are looking for additional sponsors, partners, and volunteers:


Make a financial contribution to cover prizes and event expenses


Provide free access to services to support participants

Regional Leaders

Lead an in-person hackathon in a region of your choosing


Provide mentorship to hackathon participants


Participate in the selection of winners


Deliver content to help prepare participants for the hackathon


Conduct research to support responsible AI based on hackathon activities


Help run the hackathon and surrounding events

To express interest, fill out this form

You are welcome to attend our Open House on December 16, 4pm GMT

Register for the open house here.

For questions, reach out to

 Organizing Team


Karen Jensen 

Ethics & Culture Team -

Responsible AI Hackathon

AI Ethics

Implementation Lead,

Women in AI

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Global Ethics & Culture Officer and the Regional Head of Americas,

Women in AI

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Samantha Wigglesworth

Ethics & Culture Team - Responsible AI Hackathon Project Manager,

Women in AI

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Ethics & Culture Team - Responsible AI Hackathon Legal Compliance Lead,

Women in AI

  • LinkedIn
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Ethics & Culture Team - Responsible AI Hackathon Project Manager,

Women in AI

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Ethics & Culture Team -

 Responsible AI Hackathon, CAE, 

Women in AI

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DrDoRo headshot.jpg

Prof. Dr. Doreen Rosenstrauch

Ethics & Culture Team - Responsible AI Hackathon, Women in AI

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Sponsors and partners

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