- the first ethical leadership & business acceleration program aimed at women innovators in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Data Science, who are ready to start a venture. 

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Are you an investor who is interested to meet our WaiACCELERATE founders?

Join our Investor Tour between October 26th and December 15th and learn about the women-led AI-powered startup ideas! 




WaiACCELERATE is a novel business acceleration program by Women in AI. This initiative targets women innovators looking to start a business in the fields of AI, Machine Learning and Data Science.


With a focus on promoting ethical leadership and social impact, WaiACCELERATE is designed as a combination of various online modules and educational initiatives aimed at increasing the number of female-led innovative startups that use AI-related technology and are committed to the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals 2030. In a span of 9 months, participants develop, nurture and grow their entrepreneurial dreams into competitive and profitable business ventures.


Since its inception in February 2020, the program became highly successful. Piloted for the Netherlands market at first, it attracted participants from across the globe. There are 25 actively enrolled women founders representing Australia, France, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, the UK, and the US.


WaiACCELERATE was initiated by Eve Logunova, Ambassador of Women in AI in the Netherlands, and is executed in 2020 by this dedicated team.



Meet the Founders

Davar Ardalan


[Washington DC, USA]

Founder of IVOW Inc

[Cultural Intelligence]


SDG Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities

Tracy Cosgrove

[The Netherlands]

Founder of VRHTI


[HospitalityTech / VR]

SDG Goal 1: No poverty; 

Goal 4: Quality Education

Iris Anson


[The UK]

Founder of ETIQ

[DataTech / Bias Mitigation]


SDG Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities

Maria Villanueva



Founder of BeautyQlick


[BeautyTech / HealthTech]


SDG Goal 3: Good Health & Well-being


Support the Founders

As funding doesn't come easy to early stage (and especially women-led) startups, we have launched a crowdfunding campaign in support of our AI-driven founders. Any sum, however small, is accepted and appreciated. The fund will be distributed equally among the founders after the Pitch event and upon their startup's registration in the Chamber of Commerce.


Thank you for making a donation!



“Being part of the WaiACCELERATE family has been a game changer for our startup. It’s not just the exceptional experts and workshops they lead that informs our work, it is also the doors they have opened up for us to communicate and engage in collaborative thinking with the likes of IBM, Amazon Web Services and Oracle for Startups, and to meet investors.” 


—  Davar Ardalan, Founder of IVOW (USA)

High-Class Mentorship

Another strategic support to the founders during the development of their AI ideas and for the go-to-market preparation is enabled via the Mentorship track of WaiACCELERATE.


There is no other organization or Accelerator in the field that provides such a highly experienced and engaged cohort of mentors.

Read more about our first WaiDATATHON for Sustainable Future that was hosted in VR on October 9-12, 2020.


Meet the Mentors

Ankit Chhajer

Head of Artificial Intelligence (Cora Lead Product Owner) at NatWest

Mariella de Koning

Partner at Varso Group & Member of the Rabobank Supervisory Group

Carly E. Howard, JD, LLM

VP Legal Operations at Fathym



Co-founder & President at Stanford Angels

Why more women in the startup domain?

The major development in technology is happening within the startup landscape where more small and medium scale businesses are springing up across the world at an increasing rate. Yet, the digital startup ecosystem is highly gender imbalanced where women are greatly under-represented among digital entrepreneurs.


According to the World Economic Forum’s & SAP’s 2020 report, in 2018 Europe had six women entrepreneurs (tech and non-tech) for every 10 men – the lowest ratio among the global regions. The disparity was even greater in tech – only 5% of Europe’s tech founders were female.


The history of data shows mostly men in a leadership seat. Whereas, the latest special report on women and entrepreneurship suggests that significant work remains to be done to encourage and support women entrepreneurs and their ability to build economic security for themselves, their families, their communities, and their countries. 

Amplifying gloomy projections by the World Economic Forum that at this pace, it could take more than 200 years to close the gender gap globally. Additionally, if we don’t find a solution to improving the gender parity, in particular in the field of AI, the fully automated world of tomorrow will be highly biased causing a great threat to humanity’s existence.


And that is where WaiACCELERATE comes in. Women in AI’s intention and the idea behind WaiACCELERATE is to shift the status quo towards diversity and inclusion and remove biases from AI technology. That's why we work with the best of the best to improve the current gender state of entrepreneurship and remove the limiting factors for women to become more active in the ecosystem.


Meet the Speakers

Nancy Poleon

Founder & Owner

of BrandedU

David Beckett

Pitch Coach & Founder of Best 3 Minutes

Sarah Porter

Founder & CEO InspiredMinds! & World Summit AI

Dénelise l'Ecluse

Managing Director Continental Europe at bsi


Tech Support

Via the partnership with the leading global Tech companies - AWS, IBM, and Oracle for Startups - WaiACCELERATE team has also provided the participants with so called “Tech Labs”, offering access to in-depth Tech workshops, on-demand Tech consultations and free Cloud credits.


All of which became highly beneficial to the founders during the prototyping phase and for building their data-centered MVPs.


Strategic Partners

Knowledge Partners

AI x Design

Strategic Partners

Knowledge Partners

of WaiACCELERATE and empower women entrepreneurs to make their AI dream come true!

News Feed

The Magic of ARTificial Intelligence 

At a gala evening in the centre of Amsterdam, guests learned that the future of art is AI, and the future of AI is gender equality.

(Source: Iamsterdam, January 2020)

Women in AI: working for an inclusive and non-biased AI

“We want to help create results. We want to provide the backing so people can take action.”


(Source: Iamsterdam.nl, January 2020)

Women in AI announces WaiACCELERATE

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(Source: LinkedIn)


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