- the first ethical leadership & business acceleration program aimed at women innovators in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Data Science, who are ready to start a venture. 

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Are you ready to get everything that you need to start your AI dream?

  • Are you planning to start a business in the field of AI/Machine Learning/Data Science within the next two years? 

  • Are you determined to achieve success yet curious to know how to efficiently develop and monetize your idea?

  • Do you have other co-founders or could you use help looking for business partners?

  • Does your technology startup address one of the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals?

  • Have you got concept with a proven impact model yet still strive to design for responsible and non-biased AI? 

If you answered YES to all of these questions, then you are a perfect candidate for WaiACCELERATE! Stay tuned for the announcement of WaiACCELERATE 2021. 


This is a 9-month long evening program, designed to provide you with significant exposure to the AI industry, and a strong business foundation to start your entrepreneurial journey.


By participating, you will develop your AI business idea, learn how to monetize it, find the necessary resources, build a world-class team, and build a strong case to persuade stakeholders to join your mission in addressing one of the crucial UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030. 


Are you ready to become an impactful leader? 

Why participate?

By participating in WaiACCELERATE, you will learn how to:

  • Start your own business AI-idea and build a scalable business model;

  • Become an impactful leader who is both ethical and can speak the language of numbers;

  • Build a world-class team and build a strong business case to secure funding.


Meet the Speakers

Nancy Poleon

Founder & Owner

of BrandedU

David Beckett

Pitch Coach & Founder of Best 3 Minutes

Sarah Porter

Founder & CEO InspiredMinds! & World Summit AI

Dénelise l'Ecluse

Founder & Partner 

of Noblebandits

The Netherlands ranks 5 among other European countries active in AI, shows the research of MMC Ventures

Six in ten startups are at the Angel or Seed stages:
Nine in ten AI startups are B2B:

Source: MMC Ventures, Beauhurst, Crunchbase, Tracxn

The Netherlands ranks highly in the # of organized AI-related meetups

While AI entrepreneurship is nascent (six in ten AI startups in Europe are at the earliest stages of their journey, with Angel or Seed-stage funding, according to the report of MMC Ventures), it is maturing. One in six European AI companies has passed through Angel, Seed and Early Stage phases to a ‘Growth’ phase catalyzed with over $8m in venture funding.


Countries with a large number of AI companies (the UK, France and Germany) typically have more mature ecosystems. The Netherlands counts 103 startups on average but the data varies across various mediums.

The startup ecosystem is under-representative of the female population since less than one-fifth of startups have a female founder according to Techcrunch. Data in the EU shows that only 10 percent of ventures are founded by a female.


If nothing changes the World Economic Forum confirms it will take 216 years to close the gender gap worldwide. 

Women in AI’s intention and the idea behind WaiACCELERATE is to shift the status quo towards diversity and inclusion and remove biases from AI technology. WaiACCELERATE is the strategic program aimed at boosting the number of female-led innovative early-stage companies that use AI and commit to Sustainable Development Goals 2030.


Re-imagine your future, join WaiACCELERATE!

Source: France Digitale & Roland Berger

The Magic of ARTificial Intelligence 

At a gala evening in the centre of Amsterdam, guests learned that the future of art is AI, and the future of AI is gender equality.

(Source: Iamsterdam, January 2020)

Women in AI: working for an inclusive and non-biased AI

“We want to help create results. We want to provide the backing so people can take action.”


(Source: Iamsterdam.nl, January 2020)

Women in AI announces WaiACCELERATE

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(Source: LinkedIn)

of WaiACCELERATE and empower women entrepreneurs to make their AI dream come true!

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