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Afghanistan's All girls Robotics Team needs your help!

How can you help? How can we do something for the women of Afghanistan? Here is a chance to go all out! Afghanistan's ALL-GIRLS ROBOTICS team are frantically trying to flee the Taliban.

Imagine waking up as a child in the morning and going to school, seems like a normal thing to do but it’s just a dream for the young girls of Afghanistan, a human right robbed while we watch silently. And now it’s not just the question of education it is also about their safety.

With the dream in their eyes and determination up their sleeve the Afghan all-girls robotics team fought many hurdles to reach Washington, D.C where they won the silver medal for “courageous achievement” at an international robotics competition in 2018.

This team is led by Roya Mahboob who founded the Afghan Girls Robotics Team and is the CEO of Digital Citizen Fund based out of New York.

In the past years they have been displaying their remarkable ingenuity at robotics competitions around the globe.

Human rights lawyer, Kimberley Motley is fighting to help the Afghan Girls robotics team to get to Canada to continue their education.

“These girls that want to be engineers, they want to be in the AI community and they dare to dream to succeed,” she said.

“They came to Canada, they competed in Canada, and actually they won the competition and they won the Rookie Star Award when they came there, which was the highest honour that they could win in their category for a robotics competition,” Motley said.

We understand that Afghanistan’s borders are not open but we can do everything in our power to spread the word and so can you! Hoping that the message reaches the right people and those who might have official powers to save the ‘Afghan Dreamers.’

Wishing that if and when people are allowed to leave the country these young girls get not just a flight to Canada but also to fly, a fair chance at their future to study, to dream and to grow!

What counts is that we inform everyone, so let’s tag the people who you think can help, let’s share the message, let’s do everything in our power to help them.

This is our time to save a dream with the bearing responsibility to keep the fire of hope alive so that the future generations are not terrified by their own aspirations and continue to dare.

You can also donate here,The Justness Project is started by Kimberley Motley. ➡️

We also have Flyaway: Emergency Afghan rescue mission fundraiser by Rebecca Murga, decorated former US Army Captain, you can donate here ➡️

Video credits: CBC Newsroom.


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