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Recap: The 2022 WAI Canada Hackathon for Sustainable Development Goals Hackathon

In 2022, passionate minds congregated virtually for a transformative hackathon. The inaugural hackathon by Women in AI Canada was held between November 18-20, with a participation of 60+ hackers, 10 Jury members, 11 mentors, and 5 technical workshops. The Keynotes on the final ceremony were delivered by Celia Wanderley, CTO AltaML, Ian Hargreaves, AI Fellow, ATB Financial, and Bhuva Shakti, Chief Ethics and Culture Officer, Director of Americas, Women in AI.

The 2022 Women in AI Canada Hackathon was proudly Sponsored by AltaML, ATB Financial and Arize AI.

The challenge? To harness the power of AI in creating game-changing solutions for three critical Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The top three winning teams were identified and were rewarded with a prize of over 5000 CAD for their efforts!

We were astounded by the wealth of creative ideas and the ingenuity of the participants. Let's celebrate the winners who stood out and claimed the prizes:

Winners of the 2022 Women in AI Canada Hackathon are:

First Prize - $3000 Amazon Gift Card - Team MHI Baddies

Second Prize - $1500 Amazon Gift Card - Team Evolve AI

Third Prize - $750 Amazon Gift Card - Team Labsters

Join us as we embark on yet another exciting hackathon this year. Let's continue innovating for a brighter and more responsible future!"



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