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"WAITALK: Research & engineering in Ai" - CAMBRIDGE CALLINg!


Although a small city, Cambridge has a thriving AI ecosystem and so we were delighted to have Cambridge’s inaugural #WAITalk last month. The talks explored the complementary roles of research and engineering in AI and attracted attendees from local companies, big and small, as well as researchers and students from Cambridge University.


After an introduction to WAI from co-founder Caroline Lair live from Paris, we heard from two brilliant speakers from Microsoft Research: Dr Danielle Belgrave, Machine Learning Researcher, and Raluca Georgescu, Research Software Development Engineer.


Dr Danielle Belgrave gave a fascinating talk about her work in latent variable modelling in healthcare, and current work at Microsoft Research in mapping the immune system, stressing the importance of guaranteeing trust in the algorithms that are designed.


Raluca Georgescu gave an insightful and entertaining talk on what it takes to become a ‘superhero Machine Learning Engineer’, drawing comparisons with traditional software engineering, and exploring the ecosystem of software around the core ML algorithms.


The event was concluded with networking, refreshments and lively conversation long after the final talk. We would like to thank Microsoft Research for their generosity in providing the venue and refreshments for the event.



Connect with our Ambassador for Women in AI in Cambridge, Elena Rastorgueva, MEng Engineering student at University of Cambridge.

The WAI Team



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