Women in ai GLOBAL SUMMIT 2020

Come join us on September 8th, 2020 for an AI-mazing virtual summit on Artificial Intelligence each hour of the day!


We kick off in Australia and Asia then move on to Europe and the Americas.

What will you gain and experience?

50 keynotes, panels, and workshops by leading global AI experts that cover topics in Health, FinTech, Ethics, Business, Education, Culture, and more. We'll also showcase several conversational AIs.

Bringing all minds together, join us in taking a step forward and making AI diverse and inclusive for all.


Once you have pre-registered here, we will register you for the event soon and you will receive a notification in your inbox with the confirmation!










2019’s Summit was all about WAI Ambassadors meeting and discussing the present and future of AI, this year there’s more to it! Adapting to the times around us, we have gone virtual! 

WAI Summit 2020 will be held with webinars of several topics in AI with back to back sessions by different countries, you pick the topic that interests you and join in!

All gender inclusive 🧠

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