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Meet the Speakers

More than 30 high-profile speakers – futurists, AI-experts, successful entrepreneurs, leading business minds and investors - will share their knowledge with you in-person, along with inspiring stories, insights, and life-long learnings. This is a unique opportunity to interact first hand with successful leaders who can bring not only expertise on the table but also wisdom from past failures and successes. 

and many more outstanding experts in the fields of AI, business, investments and entrepreneurship.

Nancy Poleon

Founder & Owner

of BrandedU

Carole Gendron

Pitch CoachDirector of Real Estate Intelligence at Philips

Sarah Porter

Founder & CEO InspiredMinds! & World Summit AI

Dénelise l'Ecluse

Founder & Partner 

of Noblebandits

Alexandra Belicova

Partnerships & Events Lead at StartupAmsterdam

Marion Mulder

Digital Products Consultant & Founder of MuldiMedia

Michaela Bartlam

People & Culture Partner at Unleashed.Company

David Beckett

Pitch Coach & Founder of Best 3 Minutes

Anne Cramwinckel

Programme manager AI at Techleap.nl



Machine Learning Trainer & Coach at Growth Tribe

Matías Rodsevich

Founder & CEO

of PR Lab

Arti Nokhai

Business Development Executive at IBM