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// October 9-12, 2020 //


WaiDATATHON for Sustainable Future is the first ever datathon organized in VR with the goal to solve real-world problems with the power of data.


One weekend, 8 partner organizations, 10 data challenges, 10 women-led impact (WaiACCELERATE) startups, 40 participants from across the globe, 2 runners up, and 1 winning team. 

Supported by:


WaiDATATHON for Sustainable Future focused on:

Creating social

impact for

a better future


Female Student

 Applying data knowledge for solving innovative challenges

Female Student

Collaborating with

early-stage women-led startups

Coworking Space

How it went

 40 Data-driven participants selected and applied to one of the challenge ideas that our 10 startup founders have opened up to work on.


Within a weekend, the participants worked on a data solution and built a simulation or a working prototype. 

At the end, a presentation-and-celebration event took place, where all teams presented their idea to a specialized jury and the winners were announced. 

At Work
WaiDATATHON for sustainable future.png

Prizes & Value

  • Free pass for the winning team to World Summit AI “Inspired AI” series

  • Presents and perks from our partners

  • Working with our bright founders

  • Potential job matching

  • Becoming a protagonist during World AI week

  • A problem solving fun weekend

  • Improving data science skills

The participants included:

Image by Christina @

Driven, passionate founders who are ready to launch their AI startup

Startup Founders

Image by You X Ventures

Fellow bright data scientists / engineers from all over the world

Data Experts

10 data challenges:

Taking Picture of Food

Challenge 1

Creating a traditional food storyteller

Makeup Brushes

Challenge 3

Enabling next-generation beauty eCommerce

Empty Train

Challenge 5

Mapping a “flow-less” public transport experience

People with Masks

Challenge 7

Developing professional network for match-making

Woman Typing

Challenge 9

Helping freelancers get the upper hand

Computer Keyboard

Challenge 2

Generating synthetic data in credit risk 

Grocery Shopping

Challenge 4

Recommending what to buy, one diet at a time

Two Women Dancing

Challenge 6

Personalizing profiles for the entertainment platform

Young Dietitian

Challenge 8

Recommending dishes based on personal nutrient needs  

Lake Party

Challenge 10

Connecting neighborhoods via a user-centered platform

Data Challenges

Sindi Shkodrani

- WaiDATATHON Lead -

"Where are we headed with data and AI? Making conscious and sustainable tech is finally getting ahead of a mindset of building things fast. We want to nurture our startups and future tech with these values. If you believe that the future of data and AI is sustainable, join us to build it together."


Vedika Agarwal

- WaiDATATHON Team Member -

"Join us for two days of our WaiDATATHON and help women entrepreneurs solve some of everyday greatest problems. Browse through the challenges and register today. Let's do our bit in making the world a better place, one snippet at a time!"

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