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Women in AI

Bringing all minds together 


Women in AI (WAI) is a nonprofit do-tank working towards gender-inclusive AI that benefits global society. 


Our mission is to increase female representation and participation in AI. 


We are a community-driven initiative bringing empowerment, knowledge and active collaboration via education, research, events, and blogging.





We believe in the power of community based on mutual support, caring and sharing to bring awareness, inspire and educate next generations.

WAI is the first global community of women in AI, embracing diversity and forming an inclusive environment of reflection.  

WAI relies on an amazing team of active ambassadors growing local communities and managing WAI activities on the ground. 

Meet the Ambassadors >


OUR NEWS & Events



"AI, so what's the global plan?"
Amsterdam | The Netherlands



"AI in eCommerce & Retail"
San Francisco | USA



"The Power of Chatbot"
Amsterdam | The Netherlands

WAITALK - Hamburg - DEC 2018

Teaching AI, challenges & opportunities

BE inspired. STAY W(A)IRED!



Moojan Asghari

Co-founder &


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Dr. Hanan Salam

Co-founder &

Head of Education & Research //

PhD in AI, Instructor at EM Lyon

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Caroline Lair

Co-founder &

Board Member

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Dr. Marwa Chafii

AI4EU Lead //

Professor @Ensea

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Community Manager //

Business Analyst @Effilab

Neira Dali Chaouch

Community Lead //

Operations Manager @DeepReach

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Maud Grenier

Ambassadors Lead //

HR & Talent Manager @FairMoney

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Beth Carey

WAI Ambassador in Australia //

CEO & Cofounder of Pat Inc.

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Alessandra Sala

WAI Ambassador in Ireland

Head of Analytics Research 

@Nokia Bell Labs

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Ségolène Martin

WAI Ambassador in Belgium //

CEO at Kantify

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Sonia Grebenisan

WAI Lead in Toronto // Customer Base Strategy Development Manager @Rogers Communications

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Pujaa Rajan

WAI Lead in San Francisco // 

Deep Learning Engineer @Node.io

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Rula Awad

WAI Ambassador in the UK // Founder

Machine Learning + Media

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Carina Zehetmaier

WAI Ambassador in Austria // Diplomacy // Legal and Political Consultant

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Khansa Saeed

WAI Ambassador in Pakistan // CTO Magic.ai

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Tina Nord

WAI Ambassador in Germany (Berlin) // Head of Growth at EyeEm

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Ashwini Naik

Digital Marketing // Social Media Manager

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Tawakalitu Braimah

Digital Marketing // Content Lead

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Sheila Beladinejad

Wai Ambassador of Munich// Head of Partnerships//

CEO/Founder@ O Canada Tech

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Elena Kell

WAI Ambassador in Sweden //

Responsible AI Specialist @H&M Group 

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Priscila Chaves Martínez

WAI Ambassador in Costa Rica 

// Co-founder and Executive Manager @10x Impact

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Maria Ovchinnikova

WAI Ambassador in Denmark // Data Scientist @Novo Nordisk

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Surbhi Rathore

WAI Ambassador in Seattle// CEO & Cofounder at Rammer.ai

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Namrata Mukhija

WAI Ambassador in India (Bangalore) // Software Engineer at Microsoft

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Fairoza Amira Binti Hamzah

WAI Ambassador in Malaysia / Ph.D of Engineering / Machine Learning Engineer at Vettons

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Eve Logunova

WAI Ambassador in the Netherlands // Growth & Innovations Marketer

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Debbie Botha

WAI Ambassador in UAE // 

Executive Information Architect,

Client Technical Lead @IBM

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Ganna Tymko

WAI Lead in San Francisco //

Founder & CEO at Claraphone

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Dr. Sakinat Folorunso

WAI Ambassador in Nigeria (Lagos) // Lecturer in Computer Science at Olabisi Onabanjo University 

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Marisa Tshopp

WAI Ambassador in Switzerland // Researcher at scip ag

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Lisel Engelbrecht

WAI Ambassador in the South Africa // Head of Data Services

at Standard Bank group

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Dr. Stephanie Kuku

WAI Lead Healthcare in the UK, 

 // Honorary Sr. Research Fellow UCLH

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Swathi Young

WAI Lead Washington D.C.

// Founder of TechNotch Solutions and DC Emerging Technologies 

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Fouzia Adjailia

WAI Ambassador in Algeria 

// PhD AI, Co-Founder at National academy of creativity and innovation

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Angela Kim

WAI Education Ambassador in Australia

// Head of Analytics & AI at Teachers Health Fund

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Jauwairia Nasir

WAI Education Ambassador in Switzeland // Doctoral Researcher in Robotics at EPFL 

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Jeanine Jue

WAI Lead in San Francisco 

 // Developer Relations Executive

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Elizabeth Adams

WAI Ambassador in Minneapolis // University Fellow at Stanford

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Susan Verdiguel

WAI Ambassador in Mexico // Content Curator at C Minds

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Emmanuelle Coppinger

WAI Ambassador in Canada // Director of Venture Managers

at Next AI

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Bhuva Subram

New York Ambassador // Senior Director @ Capgemini 

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

Eija-Leena Koponen

WAI Ambassador in Finland // AI Lead at SomeBuddy & Freelance Data Scientist

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Zaneta Lucka-Tomczyk

Ambassador Poland // Program Director @Orange Polska

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Women in AI is the proud member of the AI4EU project supported by European Commission as part of the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. For more information regarding the project visit www.ai4eu.eu.

We are thankful to all our partners for sharing our vision and supporting our initiatives!


“Now is the time for us all to learn

about AI and start embracing its advantages in a responsible and ethical way. That's where WAI plays an important role as members gain knowledge, build their network of peers, and contribute to the industry's diversification. Seeing more AI-empowered decision makers who are women is critical for the non-biased  AI future.”

—  Arti Nokhai, 

 Business Development Executive, IBM

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The Magic of ARTificial Intelligence 

At a gala evening in the centre of Amsterdam, guests learned that the future of art is AI, and the future of AI is gender equality.

(Source: Iamsterdam, January 2020)

Women in AI: working for an inclusive and non-biased AI

“We want to help create results. We want to provide the backing so people can take action.”


(Source: Iamsterdam.nl, January 2020)

Fighting Discrimination with AI

Women in AI Ambassador in the US, Pujaa Rajan shares her journey from Wall Street to Silicon Valley



(Source: Wogrammer)

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