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Empowering Equity in AI: Women in AI and Goodnotes Forge a Path Together

Interview with Daniel Emmerson of Goodnotes

In a world where technology increasingly intersects with all aspects of our lives, the role of AI has never been more pivotal. However, this burgeoning field is not without its challenges, particularly when it comes to equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Recognizing the transformative power of AI and the importance of representation within this space, Women in AI (WAI) has been at the forefront, championing the advancement of women and underrepresented groups in the AI industry. In our continuous effort to bridge the gender gap and promote diversity, WAI is thrilled to announce our partnership with Goodnotes, a company that resonates with our mission and values.

We sat down with Daniel Emmerson, Academic Affairs Lead at Goodnotes, for an insightful discussion on this significant partnership, Goodnotes' vision in the AI space, and the collective journey toward an equitable future in technology. His reflections provide a glimpse into the core of our collaboration and a shared dedication to fostering an environment where technology and humanity converge for the betterment of society.

As our Partner, we’d like to know you better. How do you feel about AI? What do you do in the AI space?

Our collaboration with Women in AI encompasses shared values and vision, deeply intertwined with our endeavors at Goodnotes to create technology that's as inclusive as possible. We've witnessed the power and potential of artificial intelligence through our own journey with Goodnotes 6, where AI becomes a subtle, empowering ally, assisting users in note-taking and learning through intuitive, user-friendly capabilities.

As we navigate mainstream developments of artificial intelligence together with WAI, our alliance is firmly anchored in the commitment to ensuring that the AI space is not only innovative but also ethical, responsible, and accessible. Together, we stand at an intersection where technology meets humanity, driving towards a future where AI not only enhances teaching and learning experiences but does so in a manner that is equitable. It’s a future that Goodnotes is not just imagining, but actively constructing, and it's partnerships like these, with organizations like Women in AI, that illuminate our path forward.

As our Partner, how do you feel about Equity, Diversity and Inclusion? How do you apply Equity, Diversity and Inclusion?

At Goodnotes, our approach towards Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (EDI) is integral to the very fabric of who we are and how we operate as a global community. We firmly believe that supporting DEI initiatives is crucial to who we are, and that it significantly enriches our organization and the solutions we deliver.

We are mindful that our digital note-taking app also reaches a global audience of more than 21 million people, so it's key that user experiences are crafted through a lens that is deeply sensitive and responsive to diverse needs. Our alliance with Women in AI further amplifies our commitment to these principles. Seeing WAI cultivate a robust, global community that champions the advancement of women and minorities in the AI space aligns fully with our ethos. Our collaborative efforts extend beyond technological advancements to collectively nurturing an ecosystem that is reflective of diverse thoughts, perspectives, and innovations.

How do you see your partnership with WAI will help us with our cause (to close the gender gap)?

In partnership with Women in AI, Goodnotes envisions a collaboration that actively dismantles barriers in both education and the workplace. Mirrored in our sophisticated AI applications, such as Goodnotes 6, and our organizational initiatives like our internship program, our commitment to gender equity in tech is crucial to us. By providing practical, hands-on experiences and mentorship, as illustrated by Anna Zhang’s recent internship journey, we aim to bridge academic knowledge with applicable skills in a way that is diverse and inclusive.

WAI’s remarkable efforts to cultivate a global community that elevates women and minorities in AI dovetails with our endeavors to provide meaningful experiences that uplift women in technology. By intertwining WAI’s robust community and advocacy with our technical proficiency and platforms, we aim to champion a future in AI and tech development that translates into tangible, impactful progress towards closing the gender gap in the industry.

Why did you choose the partnership with WAI? What is your overall impression of WAI?

Embarking on a partnership with Women in AI was motivated by a shared vision: the cultivation of an inclusive and diverse environment within the AI sphere. WAI’s remarkable trajectory from a small group to a thriving global community underscores its effectiveness in nurturing and advocating for women and minorities in AI, reflecting a tenacity and impact that we, at Goodnotes, deeply admire and are proud to be associated with.

Their approach of enabling knowledge transfer, fostering active collaboration, and ensuring equitable participation in AI and data spaces aligns seamlessly with our ethos and actions toward inclusive technological development and application. We believe that this partnership allows us to support innovative capabilities of AI and also to ensure that these technological milestones are shaped and shared by a diverse, global community.

What has your experience with Women in AI been like up to now?

Our partnership with Women in AI has been an enlightening and purposeful journey so far, enriching our endeavors at Goodnotes towards bridging disparities in AI and education. The roundtable discussion on July 20th, titled "Exploring potential disparity between schools and equal access to education through the lens of AI," was a profound interaction that allowed us to delve into the nuanced challenges and prospective solutions at the confluence of AI and educational equity. Rowena Chung, our Product Director of Education, adeptly steered conversations that unfolded complexities and highlighted the potent capability of AI in democratizing access to quality education, a mission inseparably tied to both Goodnotes and WAI's objectives.

Our subsequent collaboration on September 14th under the theme "AI for Everyone: Bridging Gaps and Shaping Futures'' continued to underline the stark inequalities persisting within AI education and entrepreneurial opportunities. Guided by our Academic Affairs Lead, Daniel Emmerson, and WAI UK Ambassador, Rula Awad, we presented research and talked through the perceptible impact of disparities in education through the lens of generative AI. These endeavors and discussions not only embolden our commitment towards equitable AI development and application but also fortify our partnership with WAI, as we collectively navigate the path towards ensuring that advancements in AI education and technology are holistically inclusive and accessible.

Our conversation with Daniel not only sheds light on the synergistic values of Women in AI and Goodnotes but also heralds an exciting chapter of collaborative efforts aimed at disrupting the status quo in the tech industry. Goodnotes' dedication to leveraging AI for social good and its emphatic commitment to EDI principles reaffirm the significance of this partnership in steering a future where technological advancements are synonymous with inclusivity and equity.

As we forge ahead, the partnership between Women in AI and Goodnotes represents a beacon of hope and a catalyst for change in the AI landscape. Together, we are committed to nurturing a diverse and inclusive AI community, equipped and empowered to shape the future of technology. Through joint initiatives, research, and advocacy, we are not just envisioning a future where gender disparity in AI is a thing of the past; we are actively building it. Join us on this journey, as we continue to make strides in achieving an equitable digital world, one innovation at a time.

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