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WAI Engage USA Community Events in Inclusive AI - for Career Advancement with Mentors & Peer Network

On July 7th 2022, Women in AI USA is launching the first of a 6 month series of events aimed at engaging and connecting women in the AI community: WaiENGAGE.

The kick-off event WAI Career LaunchPad will support women to pursue a fulfilling career in AI and data. Featuring keynote speakers who have overcome obstacles to contribute significantly to the field of artificial intelligence, the event is sure to inspire! Whether you are just graduating from highschool, planning a career change, or are already a senior IC, this event will help you imagine and plan the next step towards success in your career. The event also includes a panel discussion where we will hear from powerful and accomplished AI professionals on how they forged success in the field.

The WaiENGAGE series aims to support and empower all women in AI regardless of background. Our monthly lectures, panel discussions, webinars, and workshops are provided at no cost and are open to all.

WHY (Our Mission)

The WaiENGAGE USA team’s mission is to provide inclusive, effective programming that fosters engagement, communication, and community for all women and girls regardless of background or difference; Providing them with the keys to start, establish, and grow an AI career through increased access to resources, opportunities, and community.

We invite you to join us on July 7th in welcoming the WaiENGAGE Community!

Register HERE for July 7th, 2022 WAI ENGAGE USA event

Learn more about WAI ENGAGE USA speaker series here ->

Feel free to contact us ->

Meet the team:

  • Bhuva Subram (WAI USA and North America Lead)

  • Cora Lively (WAI Engage USA Program Admin)

  • Ghada Zamzmi (WAI Engage USA Community Lead)

  • Trinh Che (WAI Engage USA - Events Moderator)

  • Raga Gottimukkala (WAI Engage USA - Graphic Designer)

  • Supreet Kaur (WAI Engage USA - Tech Lead)

  • Allyson Talyor (WAI Engage USA Analytics Lead)

  • Joy Emah (WAI Engage USA - Project Associate)



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