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Women in AI and Goodnotes Team Up to Empower Women in Tech and Close the Gender Gap

Women in AI x Goodnotes Partnership Announcement

Women in AI is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Goodnotes, an award-winning digital note-taking app. The shared commitment to dream big, foster learning, and construct transformative solutions forms the bedrock of this collaboration. Both WAI and Goodnotes strive for a shared mission: promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion in their respective industries.

Bridging the Gap: From AI Advancements to Future Education

This partnership holds significance in understanding and leveraging the effects of generative AI on education and productivity in the workplace. In this endeavor, both WAI's and Goodnotes’ knowledge-rich communities become an invaluable resource, fostering mutual growth.

Mutual Support and Collaboration

Women in AI is also proud to support Goodnotes' active engagement in promoting gender diversity within the technology sector. It reflects the commitment to increase opportunities for women in AI and related fields. Goodnotes brings its expertise in digital note-taking solutions to this partnership, working alongside WAI's commitment to professional development and entrepreneurship. Together, they can drive substantial change.

This strategic collaboration represents a significant milestone in the shared commitment to reducing gender disparity and catalyzing innovation in education and AI. By aligning WAI's mission of promoting women in the field of AI with Goodnotes' vision of a paperless and collaborative future, we step closer to our joint objective of fostering an equitable and diverse AI landscape.

In anticipation of the journey ahead, we are confident that this partnership will contribute significantly to creating a future for our community where diversity is the driving force of innovation and change.



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