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Dr. Valérie Morignat: Honorary Chair - USA, Global Responsible AI Leader, Accenture

We had the privilege of getting to know more about Dr. Valérie Morignat in the past few days. Originally from New Caledonia, trained in Paris, and now based in San Francisco, her journey has been woven through diverse cultures, disciplines, and continents.

At Accenture, she serves as a global Responsible AI leader and Generative AI expert. Her paramount responsibility is to steer AI's ethical development and deployment for the company’s clients. Her work involves establishing AI governance structures, fostering industry collaborations, and orchestrating initiatives that meet responsible AI standards, organizational values, and societal expectations. Every AI project she leads aims to ensure that AI achieves greater growth, efficiency, and resilience, while consistently aligning with responsible AI standards.

Becoming the Honorary Chair - USA for Women in AI

Dr. Valérie Morignat's lifelong journey has been enriched by the presence of formidable women who shattered barriers and extended their support to others—beginning with her grandmother, Raymonde Wright. She was a World War II hero and later became the first Black nurse employed at the hospital of New Caledonia. She often shared with Dr. Valérie the groundbreaking accomplishments of female pioneers in science and the humanities. Their narratives, coupled with Dr. Valérie’s personal experiences, kindled passion for supporting and celebrating women trailblazers.

The opportunity to serve as the Honorary Chair USA for Women in AI instantly piqued her interest, as she thinks that every woman we honor transforms into a beacon for others, illustrating the realm of possibilities, challenging stereotypes, and shattering ceilings. Accolades create ripple effects, inspiring more women to engage, contribute, broaden horizons, and wield their leadership to uplift other women within the AI community.

She envisions a continuously expanding network for the Women in AI community in North America where women from diverse backgrounds can exchange ideas, collaborate and empower one another. A haven where young aspirants can see themselves mirrored in the successes of those spearheading AI innovation and actively participate in AI research, development, and governance.

Building an inclusive environment for AI that benefits women or minorities who are underrepresented in the industry. Dr. Valérie mentions that in academia and business, women have been instrumental since the dawn of computing and AI. Today, they significantly shape the field, working on crucial areas such as computer vision, natural language processing, interpretable machine learning, and responsible AI. “Yet,” adds Dr. Valérie,” Women still encounter obstacles like gender bias and underrepresentation, and a significant gap still needs to be bridged.”

According to Dr. Valérie, building an inclusive AI ecosystem requires that we intentionally and actively include women and underrepresented communities in the development and implementation of AI. “It means creating pathways for women and minorities to access AI resources, training, networking, and entrepreneurial and leadership opportunities. It’s instrumental to have diverse hiring panels, implement unbiased recruitment processes, and seek candidates from underrepresented groups to fill AI positions, particularly in leadership. To address underrepresentation, Dr. Valérie adds, “We need to promote public insight regarding the crucial role of diversity in AI and champion equity and inclusion. It encompasses showcasing the significant contributions of women and minorities within the sector while fostering a narrative of inclusivity. That’s why the Women in AI awards are so meaningful.” Honoring Women in Artificial Intelligence across North America Honoring women with the Women in AI Awards does more than recognize individual achievements —it shines a spotlight on what’s possible. It tells young girls and women, that they, too, can be pioneers in the field. By celebrating these successes, we send a powerful message about the value and importance of women in AI. It creates a ripple effect, attracting more women to the field and reshaping the community dynamics to be more inclusive,” said Dr. Valérie.

Dr. Valérie Morignat's initiatives for the future of Women in Artificial Intelligence

As a responsible AI leader, she consistently emphasizes the role of women in AI and the importance of driving more representational equity in the data and the workforce. Additionally, drawing from her own experiences and the lessons learned from Dr. Valérie's grandmother and other trailblazing women who supported her journey, she aims to mentor and guide emerging talents, ensuring they have the resources and support they need to make impactful contributions within the field. Advice to Her Younger Self

Reflecting on her path, Dr. Valérie advises her younger self to embrace her unique perspective and let it guide her work: “Never underestimate the power of resilience and the impact of those who came before us. Embrace their lessons and strive to leave a legacy for future generations. Lastly, weave empathy, responsibility, and a sense of purpose in everything you do,” she noted.

We’d like to sincerely thank Dr. Valérie Morignat for her initiatives, work, and contributions to the AI community in the USA.

Join us in celebrating Dr. Valérie Morignat and other remarkable women in AI at the WAI Awards NA 2023. Don't miss out on this incredible celebration hand in hand with Women in AI USA, Women in AI Canada, and Women in AI Mexico!



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