North America

Award Ceremony on May 13, 2022!

Women in AI (WAI) is a global network of female experts and professionals in the field of Artificial Intelligence working towards gender-inclusive AI that benefits a global society.

Our mission is to close the gender gap in the field by educating the next generation of female leaders in AI and to increase female representation and participation in AI.

Committed to supporting and rewarding excellence to women in AI, the Wai Awards 2022 will be prestigious in their recognition and vital in building the credibility and exposure for women in AI in North America  across Canada, USA & Mexico.

WAI Awards 2022 Ceremony

Award Criteria

A spectacular Virtual Gala will be held in May 13, 2022 to announce the winners and the finalists and to honour and recognize North American women in AI.


Invitees will include leaders and influencers from industry, academia, government, prominent AI thought-leaders, AI enthusiasts, venture capitalists, and AI startups.

Each of the 8 awards have judging criteria based on innovation, research, leadership, inspiring potential, global impact, and the ability for the AI solution to do good for the community and citizens.

The panel of curated judges are fully independent subject matter experts who will ensure an accurate, fair and transparent process.


Who can Apply?

The Wai Awards 2022 will honour the top North American female innovators, researchers and leaders in AI: the pioneers who are taking the road less travelled; the women who are paving the way for others to reach even further and for those who dare to dream even bigger.

Are you a female innovator in the AI field and based in Canada, the US or Mexico? We are looking for inspiring women who are working, leading, creating or demonstrating innovation in AI.


Would you like to support Wai Awards NA 2022?


Demonstrate your commitment to  supporting women as essential stakeholders in the development of emerging technologies, from data scientists to business leaders. 

Support global and international programs around gender balance. 


Facilitate a deeper conversation and common language between entrepreneurs, academia, industry and government.

Engage and network with +500 industry, government and academic leaders and influencers, investors, founders, AI thought
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