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How you can help women in Afghanistan

A tragedy unfolds in front of our eyes in Afghanistan. We stand in solidarity with the girls, women and minorities in Afghanistan and their human rights.

Over the past few days, the Taliban has taken over control of most of Afghanistan’s capitals and Afghan women are dealing with the dreadfully devastating impacts of the war.

With the increasing restriction of Taliban where women are not allowed to leave their homes without a male guardian, women are deprived of access to health and health services, and about 87% of Afghan women have experienced some form of economic discrimination or physical, psychological, sexual or social violence. UNICEF says of the 3.7 million Afghan children out of school, 60% of them are girls!

For women the shackles of war are ineliminable, we ask all our political leaders to not turn a blind eye on them and guard their honour, we will not accept that their voices get silenced and do everything in our power to tell their stories. Afghan women are faced with challenges that will take a lifetime to be reversed and we as humans as women and as a community need to keep pushing to bolster them. Let’s do everything in our power to stand for the women of Afghanistan.

We will not stay silent and neither should you! Your voice can support, your voice can be shared and can send some hope to them.

Take action and help women in Afghanistan

  • You can start by sharing your voice, starting by staying informed and informing others.

  • You can support organizations that provide education and other development and humanitarian programs for Afghan women.

  • You can reach out to your official leaders and ask how they are supporting them?

  • You can share videos, statements or social media posts from women in Afghanistan to increase their visibility and ensure their voice is heard.

We are starting by staying informed, sharing our voice and we urge you to do the same. Let’s stand together and let’s stand for them, we will not let these atrocities be ignored and overlooked. Our heart goes out to the women of Afghanistan.

Photo: Students of Kabul University circa 1962

Credits: The Afghan, Arte, UNICEF, Global Rights, Thomas Reuters Foundation, AIHRC



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