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Join us for the first WaiTALK event at the Applied Machine Learning Days! Be inspired from an exceptional speaker line-up from industry and academia, and take the opportunity to network with experts. They will share their unique stories and insights on the future of digital assistants and AI impacts on business and everyday life: Pepper, Google Home, Alexa - there are many forms of digital personal assistants that are not only creating a lot of media attention but also becoming more and more commonplace in our daily lives.

The big tech giants and SME's are continuously fueling this trend and competing for market share. Conversational AI, robotics and other voice interfaces are being developed at an exponential rate across industries. Between opportunism and scepticism, companies are almost forced to explore the potential of using voice interfaces to not be left behind in the AI race. It is about time to step back and look at the facts: Where do we stand between hype and reality of digital assistants? Are we able to make realistic predictions about the future of digital assistants? We will touch upon the developments of conversational AI, the relevance of user experience, the role of the device from mobile phone to robotics, security and privacy issues, and other aspects of consumer behavior, such as the role of voice interaction in online shopping.



17 : 00 - Opening and Registration

17 : 15 - Welcome Note by Marisa Tschopp and Hanan Salam (Women in AI)

17 : 30 - Talk by Andreea Hossmann, Principal Product Manager for Data, Analytics & Artificial Intelligence at Swisscom

17 : 45 - Live-Demo: Amalia, 3D Mixed Reality AI Bot with creator Tania Peitzker

18 : 00 - Talk and Panel by Dalith Steiger & Friends, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of SwissCognitive - The Global AI Hub

19 : 00 - Closing by Marisa Tschopp & Networking Apero powered by Salt Consulting

The event is free, everyone can join, even if you are not attending the AMLD conference. If you already have your conference tickets, please register as well to confirm your attendance. Both women and men are welcome to attend. The amount of seats is limited.



Stay up to date and connect with our Switzerland Ambassador for Women in AI Marisa Tschopp, Researcher at scip ag, author, TEDx speaker.

Looking forward to meeting you all there! Many thanks to our partners and sponsors: Salt Consulting, Jobsfürmama, SwissCognitive - The Global AI Hub, Coop rechtsschutz SCIP International Women in Science

The WAI Team



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