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WaiTALK: AI & Healthcare


November 22, 2018 - It's been another incredible night of Wai talks around AI & Healthcare. We've been exploring together with Stephanie Kuku, Indra Joshi, Claire Novorol and Eleonora Harwich the exponential possibilities of AI, enabling people to stay healthy longer, to detecting diseases earlier, more effective data driven diagnosis, but also the reality of where we are at NHS and the challenges to come like the question of privacy and commercial use of the medical data. Congrats to our dear WAI Ambassador Healthcare Stephanie for organizing this event, it was her very first WaiTALK! Many thanks to the Conduit and their cozy place for hosting us. WAI Speakers : Dr Stephanie Kuku - Entrepreneur in Residence, WAI Healthcare Ambassador Indra Joshi - Clinical Lead AI, NHS England Noor Shaker - Professor AI, Founder GTN - AI and Drug Development, London Dr Claire Novorol - Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer Ada Health, Berlin Eleonora Harwich- Director of Research - Reform Thinktank - author of publications “AI in the NHS and ‘Sharing the Benefits -How to use data effectively in the Public Sector’



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