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Women in AI to Host Panel Discussion at The AI Summit in London

Women in AI is proud to announce that we will be hosting a panel discussion at The AI Summit in London. The event is scheduled to take place on 12 June 2024, from 14:00 to 15:00 UK Time.

The panel discussion “Empowering Frontiers: Women Pioneering Leadership in the Technology Landscape” will address common obstacles faced by women in tech and showcase the value and unique perspectives that women bring to technology innovation in the AI field. Additionally, the panel will share initiatives for advancing women at Women in AI and highlight specific programs and support systems for women in tech.

The panel will feature an incredible lineup of speakers, including:

Nebahat Arslan, Director, Group General Counsel at Goodnotes and Partnership Officer at Women in AI 

Nebahat is an AI and ethics lawyer, board member, and leader with extensive experience in AI. She is the Group General Counsel at Goodnotes, a digital note-taking app that collaborates closely with tech giants like Apple. Nebahat also holds the position of Legal Director for the Global Partnership Office at Women in AI, a non-profit organisation that promotes gender-inclusive AI. In her previous roles, Nebahat worked for companies listed on the London Stock Exchange and led their compliance, ethics, and AI functions. She incorporated different technology solutions and artificial intelligence tools to enhance these functions.

Rula Awad, Ambassador for Women in AI UK

Rula holds an MSc in Machine Learning from UCL, where she conducted her thesis on NLP under the guidance of Professor Sebastian Riedel, DeepMind. Recognised for her innovative work, Rula secured funding from the European Union to advance and commercialise her groundbreaking work. She is currently a Technical Product Manager at Logically, an AI anti-disinformation startup, where she leads product development and drives R&D strategy.  

Charlene Putney, COO, co-founder at Write With LAIKA

Charlene Putney is an award-winning writer and teacher from Ireland. After working at Google and Facebook in management positions, she turned to the more creative side of tech and began writing for videogames in 2013. Before moving to Denmark, she worked on “Divinity: Original Sin 2” and “Baldur’s Gate 3". She then worked as Story Lead at Die Gute Fabrik in Copenhagen, who just launched “Saltsea Chronicles”. These days she’s running a startup to make playful tools for a more creative life with AI you can be proud to work with at She also teaches interactive fiction at university level and yoga on Tuesday evenings. Say hi to @alphachar!

Nataliia Nyshchenko, Head of Partner Growth at SumUp

Nataliia is a mission-driven business leader with a Global Executive MBA from St.Gallen University. In recent years, she led a Strategic Partnerships team at Shutterstock and supported key players in the Generative AI space (including Open AI, Nvidia, Meta, Apple, Snap, and LG) and various Computer Vision use cases with data licensing. Before this, Nataliia was the CEO of a successful B2B MarTech start-up, where she oversaw its growth from 30 to 150 employees and increased its revenue from six to eight digits by launching and managing a range of solutions on behalf of MasterCard in Europe.  

For more information on the event, you can visit The AI Summit website 

Women in AI is honored to be a part of The AI Summit once again and invites all interested individuals to join in this essential discussion. Save the date and see you there!



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