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Women In AI Flagship Summit

December 8 2022 | Javits Center, New York

Championing innovation alongside diversity and inclusion at The AI Summit New York


Organizations with a good representation of women on the Board of Directors are likely to report 10% higher financial performance than their counterparts with all male or little women representation.

Yet, women make up less than 25% of those working as AI specialists, and even less in technical leadership roles.

The Women in AI Summit, at the AI Summit New York, presents a line-up of women leaders and passionate allies including:

  • Alessandra Sala, Sr. Director of AI & Data Science, Shuttershock

  • Aishwarya Srinivasan, Data Scientist, Google

  • Debbie Botha, MD, DaleBrook Media Middle East

  • Petrina Kamnya, Head of AI Platforms, Insilico Medicine

Join them to discuss AI through the lens of ethics, culture, and development, whilst still considering the ROI of AI.