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In conjunction with International Women’s Day, WAI APAC proudly brings you WaiDATATHON & WaiTALK, with the theme “Combat Domestic Violence with Data & AI”. Subtheme of the event is “AI for Mental health”.

opening keynotes

Director of APAC Developer Relations, Microsoft


AI's Success will depend on women

As an industry and a society, we have a shared opportunity and responsibility to influence how technology, and specifically AI, accelerates our efforts to empower every person and organisation on the planet to achieve more. We must address the need to deploy technology in a responsible and inclusive way. We are not shy to dream big. AI is a technology different from the ones before in that its hugely impactful on our daily lives and life decisions. Its imperative that these AI systems of today and the future is unbiased and representative of the society. While the diversity gap in AI is huge, I believe the solution lies in the intersection of Skilling, Stories and Solidarity. Some of the questions I would like to explore in this talk would be who needs to participate in AI and what opportunities for one to actually do that. How can we get organizations and governments to commit to inclusive AI? What actions can we take as a community to build that future we dream of.






Gender Specialist, UNICEF India

Understanding Domestic Violence

She will be covering a few aspects regarding domestic violence such as situating the issue of domestic violence (facts and perspective), implications on Children witnessing DV and UNICEF's work, and many more!


This talk aims to provide the audience with a grounded perspective on domestic violence using real life interventions on the issue and how technology can be leveraged for the same. 


Exec. Director of Data Science, University of Technology Sydney


AI for Gender Equality - Why promoting Diversity & Inclusion can improve domestic violence?

Technology is advancing at an impressive rate, and so is its impact on society. Modern technology influences every single aspect of the world including politics, social movements, education, health, business etc. This new horizon has become a necessity; we use technology for basically everything. Technology represents an amazing opportunity for accelerating certain processes, including women empowerment.


Women empowerment is a massive opportunity. It is not only about justice, but a powerful economic incentive and also prevents being a victim of domestic violence due to financial freedom. Gender equality contributes to economic growth and social development. 

WaiTime :

Women, AI, & the power of two together! 


 Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador



Director of Solution Sales, Microsoft


Gissel_Velarde_Profile - Gissel Velarde.

Author / Researcher / Consultant


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