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Frida Ruiz: Honorary Chair Mexico and the advocacy for diversity in AI

We had the privilege of speaking with Frida Ruh, a potential figure in the field of AI and a dedicated advocate for diversity and inclusion in Mexico. Frida is currently working as the Value Based Bidding & Creatives Specialist for Google Mexico, Frida has an impressive background reaching across a diversified range of sectors and industries.

Frida's introduction to the world of AI began with roles such as a Data Scientist and leading the development of the AI sector at Jüsto. Later, she served as the Data Planner Manager for Banco Santander México. Nevertheless, she stands out not only for his professional activities, but also for his willingness to make a difference.

From an educational standpoint, Frida holds a degree in Actuarial Science and Corporate Finance and Banking from Universidad Anáhuac México. She obtained diplomas in Fintech, Big Data and Data Science at ITESM and has specialized in "Design for Tomorrow" at Universidad Centro. She is currently deepening in the field of Quantum Computing at Universidad Anáhuac Mayab.

One of her main projects is her podcast, "AI The New Sexy," where she explores the implications of Artificial Intelligence across various industries and contexts. Through the podcast, she creates a safe space for women to contribute their own views and concerns on how AI addresses gender perspectives, inclusion and particularly risks to society.

Outside of her formal roles, Frida is strongly committed to education and advocacy. She runs independent workshops, classes and conferences for companies and communities on topics such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, innovation, the future of work and Python.

Becoming the Honorary Chair Mexico for Women in AI

One of the main motivations of Frida to become the Honorary Chair Mexico for Women in AI Awards North America 2023 is the pivotal shift in recognizing the role of women in society, especially in traditionally male-dominated sectors. She strongly believes that diversity, encompassing gender, race, ethnicity, and cultural background, is critical to success.

Her vision for the Women in AI community in North America is to create an environment where diversity is a core principle. Frida aspires to shape an inclusive AI ecosystem that truly reflects our multicultural society. By addressing the AI gender gap, promoting transparency in workforce behavior, and committing to concrete actions on gender parity, she envisions a community where every woman feels empowered, valued, and has equal opportunities to thrive.

Building an inclusive present for AI that benefits women or minorities who are underrepresented in the industry

Throughout her career, Frida has witnessed the evolving role of women in Artificial Intelligence ecosystem. While significant strides have been made in women's representation and participation in the industry, challenges persist. “Less than 25% of those working as AI specialists are women, and in leading companies like Facebook and Google, this number is even lower,” Frida said. To build an inclusive present for AI, Frida emphasizes the importance of challenging stereotypes, investing in education and mentorship for women and minorities, and ensuring that organizations prioritize diversity as a core value.

Honoring Women in Artificial Intelligence across North America

Frida believes in the power of recognition and visibility, especially for women in technical fields. By highlighting the achievements and contributions of women, we not only celebrate their successes but also set them as role models for others to aspire to. Activities like the WAI Awards play a crucial role in this empowerment. By spotlighting women's accomplishments, we create incentives and motivation for more women to envision themselves in these roles and to pursue careers in AI. Such recognitions not only validate the hard work of the awardees but also inspire a new generation of women to step forward and make their mark in the industry.

Frida's Initiatives for the future of Women in Artificial Intelligence

Frida has several initiatives in mind to boost women in the AI sector. She is committed to continuing her podcast and continuing to generate content focused on issues of gender, equity and algorithmic transparency. According to her, these topics are of paramount importance, especially in Latin America

She is embarking on a new adventure this October: she is launching an agency dedicated to supporting women in tech, where she aims to help women sharpen their skills and democratize access to her vast network. Her goal is to democratize access to the extensive network she has built over the years. Furthermore, she will share with them the systems and methodologies that have enabled her to scale her efforts. She believes this is an ambitious move, this initiative can pave the way for a new generation of female leaders in the industry.

Advice to Her Younger Self

One of the most valuable lessons Frida has learned is that no one is born with innate knowledge; we all have to start somewhere. The mantra "better done than perfect" has been a driving principle for her. Reflecting on her journey, Frida offers valuable advice: be confident in your abilities, surround yourself with communities that share your values, maintain your passion and curiosity, and embrace your uniqueness. Instead of feeling out of place because you are different, it is that very uniqueness that will set you apart and make you special in the future.

Frida Ruiz exemplifies the spirit of advocacy, empowerment and innovation that Women in AI celebrates. Her dedication to promoting diversity and inclusion in the AI industry serves as an inspiration to all.

We’d like to sincerely thank Frida Ruh for her initiatives, work and contributions to the AI community in Mexico.

Join us in celebrating Frida and other remarkable women in AI at the WAI Awards NA 2023.

Don't miss out on this incredible celebration hand in hand with Women in AI USA, Women in AI Canada, and Women in AI Mexico!



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