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WaiTALK: "AI & Fraud detection in financial services" in Johannesburg


On August 6th was Women in AI's inaugural South African launch at Altron offices with over 70 AI enthusiasts, experts, South African government and woman-owned businesses.

Organized by Lisel Engelbrecht our WAI Ambassador in South Africa, the Wai Launch explored how AI assists with Fraud Detection in Financial Services:


Some of the takeaways from the light talks and conversations with our stellar line-up of speakers:

- Hina Patel: Enthused the audience with Altron’s approach in adopting AI in a challenging climate "The Altron AI team is working towards contributing to mainstreaming AI and striping away the AI hype with its key guiding principles that includes a critical look at the ethics and considers a human centric approach."

Altron’s AI approach is to leverage the "One Altron” strategy and partner eco-system to take

customers through the entire journey, from exploration, assessing the AI readiness, to full

operationalisation and adoption."

- Natalie R: “I too have a PhD: Passion for Her Development” bold opening statement as she journeyed down, invigorating our minds allowing us to “reimagine a future we can barely comprehend today”, the possibilities when AI is adopted and stamping out fear of technology especially AI “Fear is a people issue and not technology”. She showed that AI is already a great part of our daily lives.

- Donalda Pretorius: Highlighted how AI technology will change the world in 3 aspects: Automation, Intelligence and Creation. “Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not a single technology but several closely grouped technologies that allow for a machine to absorb and analyse data to make a recommendation or take an action. Banks use AI to track your day-to-day financial transactions for pattern recognition enabling the identification of fraud through anomaly detection. Predictive analytics play a significant role in

detection and risk grading of fraudulent activity. Time has come to redesign jobs and re-engineer business processes, we need to purposefully use our intelligence and skills to use AI responsibility in supporting technological advancement and sustainable development.”

- Kristel Sampson: Shared the journey undertaken by the Standard Bank Group to enable platforms, tooling and capabilities to support the development and operationalisation of Machine Learning models - covering the sourcing and management of data required by the model/s, monitoring the continuously trained and running model in production and provisioning of results of the model/s to other platforms and into processes - in real time.”

- Lastly Samantha Ngindi: Reinforced the importance of this 4 th Industrial Revolution is for SA and the role government is playing to enable and upskill woman.


Though the event attendees were mostly female, there were also a few men in the audience, there to support the women in the industry and learn from them.

A big thanks to our sponsor, Altron for supporting us in creating this event! Altron ensured that attendees were well fed with a beautiful spread of sandwich, wrap, vegetable, prawn- and fruit platters, and they ordered a full-service bar with bartenders to help uplift the mood. Their employees served as volunteers, ensuring the event ran smoothly.

All in all, it was a a huge success. Stay tuned for our next events: new WaiTALKs in Cape Town and Johannesburg coming soon!



Connect with our Ambassador for Women in AI in South Africa, Lisel Engelbrecht.

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The WAI Team



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