On April 16th was Women in AI's inaugural North American event at the integrate.ai offices with about 60 AI enthusiasts and experts. The event was fully booked in 12 hours only!

Organized by Sonia Grebenisan our WAI Ambassador in Toronto, the WaiTALK explored how AI is reshaping Marketing:

- Moon Jerin kicked the evening off by walking us through the trends in the industry and illustrating what it has in store.

- Sabina Stanescu took us through the process of using multi-armed bandit to quickly select the best performing models, increasing profits.

- Lastly, Charu Jaiswal showed us how so many of our models are inherently biased and that it is our responsibility to ensure that we do everything to prevent that.

Though the event attendees were mostly female, there were also a few men in the audience, there to support the women in the industry and learn from them.

Integrate.ai ensured that attendees were well fed with a beautiful spread of sandwich, wrap, vegetable, and fruit platters, and they ordered a full-service bar with bartenders to help uplift the mood. They also provided gift bags for the speakers and talked to many of the women present as they are looking to expand their technical teams. Their employees served as volunteers, ensuring the event ran smoothly.

All in all, it was a wonderful networking, recruiting, and educational event.

Our next WaiTALK in Toronto will take place in July! Stay tuned, more info coming soon.

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Connect with our Ambassador for Women in AI in Toronto, Sonia Grebenisan, Data Scientist at Ritual.co.

The WAI Team



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