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Early Bird Ends August 31!

Awards and Application

Wai Awards NA is a prize to honor the top female entrepreneurs, researchers, innovators and contributors in the field of AI: the pioneers who are taking the road less traveled; the women who are paving the way for others to reach even further and to dare to dream even bigger.

2023 Awards Ceremony on October, 2023
Early Bird Ends August 31!
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General Guidelines

  1. An individual can submit only one nomination for any one category that best suits their profile.

  2. The nominee must reside and contribute to the AI ecosystem in the USA, Mexico or Canada to be eligible for this award nomination.

  3. It is recommended to first review the eligibility criteria and nomination questionnaire for each category given below, prior to completing the application form.

  4. Gathering references from peers, colleagues or leaders to support your nomination is recommended.

  5. Before proceeding to submit your application, please verify if you have filled in all required fields.

  6. The information entered in this application form will be used to evaluate your nomination and you will not be able to edit after submission.

  7. Once you fill out the application form you will receive a confirmation email that we have received your nomination.

Application Closed for 2023

Awards and Eligibility Criteria

AI in Startup 

AI Entrepreneur of the Year Award

A pioneer woman contributing to the field of AI by building an early-stage startup to lead the industry in her country.

Eligibility Criteria:


  • An early-stage startup - pre-seed & seed

  • Founded or co-founded by a woman

  • Company’s activity and core value proposition based on AI technologies 

  • Have an MVP or industrialized product or at least one client

  • Registered in US, Canada or Mexico

AI in Government

AI Disruptor of the Year Award

A woman promoting policy changes for advancements in AI ecosystems on a larger scale (city/state/province/federal) or using applied AI to solve complex public sector challenges for the common good.

Eligibility Criteria:


  • Working in government sector

  • Significant contribution in bringing change to a government policy related to AI or driving innovation to a government process using AI in the recent 2 years

  • Affiliated with a US/Canada/Mexico public office

AI for Good

Responsible AI Leader of the Year Award

A woman leader, innovator, and visionary who is pioneering adopting responsible and ethical application of AI contributing by promoting trustworthy, accessible, inclusive, or unbiased AI systems. 

Eligibility Criteria:


  • Promoting or applying responsible use of AI

  • Initiative includes innovation, design, or technological advancement aimed at bringing transparency, fairness and trust in the development of AI systems or products

  • Working to define responsible AI with practical tools and proposals in explainability, data rights, privacy or security

  • Associated with an establishment in US/Canada/Mexico

AI for Good

ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) AI Leader of the year Award

A woman who inspires, connects and helps the communities by harnessing the power of social impact to enable a sustainable future with the environmental applications for AI.

Eligibility Criteria:


  • Significant contribution in driving innovation or development in AI policy , products, or systems for Environment, Social or Corporate Governance

  • Associated with an establishment in US, Canada or Mexico

Lifetime Achievement Award

Woman in AI of the Year

An outstanding woman leader in Artificial Intelligence adding exceptional contributions to the world using revolutionary artificial intelligence approaches.

Eligibility Criteria:


  • Currently serving senior leadership positions in academia,  research, corporate, non-profit, or public sector

  • Individuals engaged in creating, transforming, and disrupting technologies involving AI in their organization

  • Significant contribution in AI impacting technologies, businesses, or communities and inspiring the next generation

  • Actively involved in bringing diversity and inclusion to the technology industry

  • Associated with an establishment in the US, Canada, or Mexico

AI in Research

AI Researcher of the Year Award

A woman conducting research that has an impact on the future of AI and is willing to contribute with her expertise and personality to lead the future of AI.

Eligibility Criteria:


  • Currently working on research within AI and has reached a proof of concept level

  • Research publications in peer-reviewed renowned journals and conferences

  • Associated with an establishment in US, Canada or Mexico

AI in Industry 

AI Innovator of the Year Award

A  woman who contributes to AI based products, projects or practice, inspiring diverse multidisciplinary teams in a corporate organization.

Eligibility Criteria:


  • Significant contribution towards leading development or coordinating AI projects/products or practice in the industry (e.g. AI leader,  AI practitioner, product manager, project/program manager etc)

  • Associated with an establishment in US, Canada or Mexico

AI for Good

DE & I (Diversity Equity & Inclusion) AI Leader  of the Year Award

A woman who has the potential to change the world through their contribution to make AI more diverse, equitable and inclusive. A technology leader on AI, who has significant contribution towards making AI better for marginalized, minority and underrepresented groups.

Eligibility Criteria:


  • Significant contribution towards driving innovation or bringing in change to make AI more diverse, equitable and inclusive in AI policy making, product or systems

  • Providing innovative solutions or proposals to reduce gaps in your country within the AI ecosystem. 

  • Associated with an establishment in US, Canada or Mexico

Outstanding in AI

Young AI Role Model of the Year Award

A woman in the early stage of her career or research with an outstanding contribution in working on AI research, product or practice.

She inspires, empowers and contributes to her society for advancement of the future generation.

Eligibility Criteria:


  • Women between 15-26 years old

  • Significant contribution towards AI research, product, or practice.

  • Is a student, or in early stage career or research in the field of AI

  • Associated with an establishment or university in US, Canada or Mexico

Women in AI Volunteer

WAI Volunteer of the Year Award

A team member of Women in AI who is actively contributing to WAI’s mission in increasing female participation in AI. The nominee has been involved in multiple initiatives for spreading AI awareness and outreach.

Eligibility Criteria:


  • Actively involved as part of with Women in AI in US, Canada or Mexico for at least a year

  • Supported WAI by gaining partnerships and/or running successful programs and events with active engagements with all stakeholders and/or helped the community grow with other functions such as operations, analytics, marketing and communication.

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

  1. When is the application deadline? 
    - Applications are now open! Submission extended till May 31, 2023


  2. Are application submissions kept confidential?
    - Yes, all award submissions are treated as highly confidential. Only the Women in AI North America Awards team and the judging panel view them.


  3. How can I apply to be a judge?
    - Please fill out this form if you are interested in being a judge. Our team will get in touch with you via email if you are selected as a member of the judging panel. Meanwhile, if you need further assistance, you can contact us at


  4. Can I nominate myself?
    We accept self-nominations. We recommend attaching one or more recommendations/references along with your nominator name, email and LinkedIn to verify your achievements.

  5. Can I nominate in more than one category?
    Unfortunately, we only accept one entry per individual. If there are multiple submissions for an individual, it will be automatically moved to the award category with the lowest participation. Hence, please ensure that you apply for the category that best fits your profile. 


  6. As a nominator, how many people can I nominate under each category?
    There are no limits to how many individuals you can nominate, as long as they meet the eligibility criteria for each category.


  7. How are the winners selected? 
    Winners are selected after thorough evaluation by renowned judges who has significant contribution in the particular award category. The nominations are anonymized to avoid any bias in evaluations. 


  8. Will I receive feedback from a submission?
    No, feedback is not given on submission. Only the winner submissions will be announced. 


  9. When will I find out if I am receiving an award?
    The shortlisted applicants will be contacted via email by Women in AI North America team in the first week of September 2023. 


  10. How are awards issued?
    Awards will be handed to winners at the awards ceremony in October, 2023 (tentative). For those who could not attend the award ceremony in-person, it will be shipped to their mailing address. 


  11. When and where will the award ceremony take place?
    The award ceremony will take place in Canada on October 18, 2023 where the attendees from across North America can join and celebrate. Early Bird Pricing ends August 31

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