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"WAITALK: Shaping ai for good" - THANK YOU, SYDNEY!


What a turnout for the first Women in AI #WAITalk in Australia, some extraordinary and diverse minds in the room from big AI Tech, to small AI Tech to product and policy management. A cheer went up as I opened the first WaiTALK in Australia and announced the official launch. It was great to hear directly from co-founder Caroline Lair live from Paris to kick off the evening with the aspirations of WAI. Speakers Angela Kim and Becks Simpson spoke about their respective passions and journeys in AI. Social Robot from Hanson Robotics, Sophia, gave her message for Women in AI. And as wrap up before more networking, there was lively discussion and questions.


“AI is the extension of its creator, and is shaping tomorrow’s society”—Caroline Lair, Co-Founder of women in ai

“Learn the way you need to learn to understand - school gets it wrong, uni gets it wrong, online courses can get it wrong. The goal is to understand and know, not to get a good score, especially when it comes to AI and its place in the world!”—Becks Simpson

“Like any powerful new technology, AI has real world consequences and requires governance, and ethical principles. Leaders must educate themselves on AI ethics and algorithmic bias - and foster a culture of ethical use of intelligent technologies throughout their organization.”—Angela Kim


Next steps for WAI in Oz, canvassing for leaders for WAIs Education program and city/geographical leaders. With plans to hold the next Australian WaiTALK in another capital city, please tap me on the ‘LinkedIn shoulder’ or through WAI Community Slack, if you are interested in taking a lead in your city.

Psst - the next WaiTALK looks like happening in Brisbane; Melbourne where are you????? :)



Connect with our Ambassador for Women in AI in Australia, Beth Carey, Co-founder and CEO at Pat Inc.

The WAI Team



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