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Award Categories

1. AI in Health

includes aged care and disability services.

2. AI in Mining

3. AI in Law

4. AI in Finance

includes insurance and superannuation.

5. AI in Agribusiness

includes natural resources and environment management.

6. AI in Cyber Security

7. AI in Education

8. AI in Defence

9. AI in Infrastructure

includes transportation, energy and water services, telecommunications, waste management and smart cities.

10. AI in Manufacturing

11. AI in Innovation

includes any ground-breaking, new and emerging AI process or technology in additional fields not mentioned in the above industry sectors.

The WAI Award categories will recognize and honour achievements based on the following AI technologies:

  • speech, image and video recognition

  • autonomous objects

  • natural language processing

  • conversational agents

  • prescriptive modelling

  • virtual and augmented creativity

  • smart automation

  • advanced simulation

  • data monitoring

  • complex analytics and predictions

  • robotics

  • machine-learning

  • additive manufacturing.

  • IoT

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