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“Sto Lat” Poland, is the first ever country to be constituted in Europe. The Polish economy holds a greater part investing with the advancement of technology with the key role of Artificial Intelligence playing towards the growth and innovation of the knowledge-based economy. The National strategy of Artificial Intelligence of Poland aims at providing support towards AI R&D developments preparing citizens for the digital transformation by enhancing their technical competency. The holistic AI ecosystem accounts for the protection of human dignity and ensure conditions for fair competition. This objective is aimed by achieving increased partnerships under national and international levels with various horizontals of the Poland's ecosystem.

"AI advancements in Poland attracts technologists, corporates, innovators, authorities and AI enthusiasts contributing and building towards their technological innovation framework"

Focusing on the above strategic polish initiatives, the Women in AI Poland chapter made its establishment in May 2020. Though #WAIPoland is relatively a young community it is getting traction with the other fast-growing Women in AI communities. The proud #WAIPoland is operating many interdisciplinary activities engaging well known specialists in the field of AI, supporting events, promoting women empowerment and remove gender bias. Lead by Zaneta Lucka-Tomczyk, Ambassador of Women in AI Poland, a team of 11 amazing women from diverse background are passionate to express their knowledge, experience and willingness to transform ideas into action being their "core strength".

“Amazing network of WAI Poland core team converge towards bringing their expertise towards Poland's AI development and business success”

The WAI Poland chapter initiated its social media presence focusing to increase its national and international collaboration and began establishing their work in the field of research and development in AI since June 2020. The chapter is projected to have flourishment and growth by several initiatives like #WaiMember, a community expansion program.

During its first year of inception, Polish team gained more than 750 followers in LinkedIn and established long-term partnership with various institutions by their significant effort on branding their chapter. The WAI Poland chapter now has good networking with corporates and partners including local business, universities, media and other non-profit communities supporting women.

Collaborative Participations

The highly motivated core team made its participation in several #WAI initiatives internally and externally, and has also organized events of their own. The chapter participation and focus is not exhaustive, a few to showcase their talent and work are listed below:

An initiative project focusing to combat environmental pollution in Environment pollutants detection and classification project that uses Artificial Intelligence as a two step process to detect and segregate different types of waste in the environment by classifying into seven different categories applicable for detecting pollutants in the "Waste Detection in Pomerania".

The project's goal is to use AI for Good. You could have a read through of the project here:

Another noteworthy contribution is project 'INSENSION' combining Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things working in collaboration with the European Research's project, a personalized platform that enables persons with profound and multiple learning disabilities (PIMD), helping them to provide a new way of communication. Here is a sneak of the project related information link:

The chapter made its presence through their involvement and representation in the governmental AI Working Group projects. “Legal Tech” book is co-authored by its own members Dr. Gabriela Bar, Gabriela Wiktorzak, Maria Dymitruk - experienced experts in the law of new technologies and AI. This book is the result of research by a team of scientists from 10 countries and 3 continents.

The contribution towards the IEEE Beyond Standards blog has published an article by our WAI Poland members Dr.Gabriela Bar and Gabriela Wiktorzak members of the IEEE Global Initiative Legal Committee. Together with Professor Jeanna Matthews, the authors analyse the conditions necessary for the trustworthy AI system.

Currently #WAIPoland is working on a new educational AI4Good project called Hear.AI that aims to research Deep Learning for Polish Sign Language recognition, focusing on their core mission to promote gender-inclusivity in the field of AI in Poland. Related information could be found on

Events & networking

The promising Poland chapter made its nominations of their proud members Aleksandra Przegalinska, Dr.Gabriela Bar and Anna Maj, celebrated for their achievement by awarding #WaiROES AI4EU/WaiAWARDS by WAI Poland chapter, who were listed on the TOP 50 Women in Tech worldwide by Engati this september and in TOP women in AI in Fintech also under different categories.

A recent series of #WaiTalks Sessions focussing on “AI in Social Media” and the implications of data of an individual was an icebreaker for the chapter members.

Paying tribute to its female working group and to encourage networking sessions among the peers of #WAIPoland chapter, #WaiTime was orgainzed and realized successful mark for its first, free and open women networking session on March 8, 2021.

A technical workshop organized by the chapter in #WAIonStage conducted couple of sessions bringing all minds together and showed their technical proficiency and strength

A Session on "Becoming AI Ready: Business Perspective" representation from WAI Poland chapter through #WaiSummit created a thought provoking mindset of becoming future ready is truly remarkable.


If you want to support us contact our local chapter communication channel by sending an email to or get in touch with us via LinkedIn page of Women in Al Poland

Media Partners

The WAI Poland chapter has good networking with corporates and partners with Poland’s Entrepreneurs, Corporates, Universities and other non-profit Women communities. Their promotional partners range from business association to community and foundation partners that drive them to establish their presence through their media partners like Forbes Women.

The Global Women in AI Team wishes for your progressive growth and have a prosperous future in the field of AI in shaping Poland's technological advancement and its economy making them significant.

About the Author:

Kirthikka is a Technologist and Generalist with wide knowledge in varying Technology and Management with a rich decade of experience. WAI blog is her Techno craving hobby enabling to gain insights on current trends in AI.

Join her twitter community @roshini_diya to hear more on the industry news and updates.



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