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Dear AI-Community, WAI Members & Friends,

Women in AI is starting its 2019 AI-knowledge sharing program with the first WaiOPENDOOR event that is to be hosted at Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS has been supporting Women in AI in the Netherlands since the launch of the initiative in October 2018. It is our absolute pleasure to welcome you all at their office on February 7th, and share the latest AWS AI advances. Both women and men are welcome. Please RSVP to secure your spot as the number of places is limited.


What to expect at WaiOPENDOOR @ AWS:

In 2006, Amazon Web Services (AWS) launched its first cloud service – AMAZON S3. Since then, the AWS ecosystem has evolved significantly handling a wide range of workloads. Its AI and ML capabilities, built on the comprehensive cloud platform and optimized for machine learning with high-performance compute, are now leading the way. From product recommendations on the site to the voice-based interactions with Alexa, from advanced text analytics to image and video analysis, and many other AI-services together with continuously-learning APIs are ensuring quality, accuracy and customer engagement to many businesses around the globe. Attend WaiOPENDOOR at AWS to learn about:

  • the breadth of AI services available on the AWS Cloud;

  • AWS’ core capabilities for developing, testing, and deploying intelligent robotics applications;

  • how AWS RoboMaker is transforming the robot programming game.


17:45-18:25 - Registration

18:30 – 19:45 - Presentations

19:45 - 21:00 - Networking

Attendee profile: AI practitioners & researchers, developers and data scientists, application developers, AI startup founders, AI evangelists, and future AI role models. Whether you’re just getting started with AI or you’re a deep learning expert, this session will provide a meaningful overview of the managed AI services, the AI Platform offerings, and the recently released AWS RoboMaker technology.

We are looking forward to seeing you at AWS on February 7th!

Team Women in AI



Connect with our Ambassador for Women in AI in The Netherlands, Eve Logunova.

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